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              山東萬通模具有限公司 專業生產輪胎模具
              中文版  |  ENGLISH
              About us  
              Add To: Guangkai Road 10#, Dongying, Shandong, China.
              TEL: 0546-6925705
              Location:萬通模具 >> About us >> Introduction  

                        The Shandong ten thousand mold limited companies are located in the scenery beautiful Yellow River delta, a generation of soldier saint Sun Wu's native place - - Shandong•Guangrao, is a fair research development, the design manufacture automobile meridian tire detachable mold specialized company. The company already smoothly through the ISO9001 international quality control system, the ISO14001 environment management system and the OHSAS18001 professional health safety control system authentication, has the first-class city level enterprise technology center, is the national torch plan project undertakes the unit, Chinese Rubber Industrial association Nose Mold Branch vice-director the unit, the Shandong Province high technology and new technology enterprise, east the camp city science and technology innovation enterprise, the AAA level credit enterprise, obtains many item of national technology invention patent. The company already had yearly produced the all steel tire mold 1000 sets, hammers the aluminum as well as fine cast-aluminium alloy tire mold 800 set of productivities, was situated first four in the domestic same profession.The production “wan tong” the sign noon-mark tire detachable mold has the honor to receive “the Shandong Province famous brand goods” the title, has the high market prestige.

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